Facility Planning: (US/International)

Patient experience is at the forefront of healthcare reform and is an instrumental component of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010. Our role in design and facility planning comes from a patient experience view, which we have gained from over 20 years of a patient centric, clinically focused flow process.

We serve as a liaison between the architecture group and the clinical/administrative team, to provide a true balance of operational efficiency, patient/family centric, and a high-quality designed professional healthcare facility.

Our differentiated approach to facility planning is derived from the value of being on the “Provider” side developing comprehensive cancer facilities and on the “Industry” side working to deliver the best technology to fit within the scope and budget of the project. This has allowed us the opportunity to be proficient in maximizing utilization of technology and optimization of clinical workflow to provide an exceptional patient experience.


Strategic Planning: (US/International)

The stakeholder analysis will focus on helping to define the culture of the organization and look to answer the most common issues affecting an organization. This is the first process that we will initiate to begin the strategic planning process.

We will look for feedback on these key issues:

  • Vision and Mission
  • Brand Identity
  • Defining Patient Experience, Success, and Quality of Care.
  • Market share growth and priorities.
  • Expansion, Affiliations, Partnerships.
  • Financial viability and sustainability within the market
  • Integration of Oncology/Imaging Service Line within overall matrix

Effectively being able to execute the strategy requires an organizational structure that is consistent with and supports the specific strategy.  Therefore having stakeholder input in the strategic development process is necessary for those to adapt and drive change.  While long-established financial metrics will still be important in the process, it should be noted that People, Process and Technology should equally be considered as a contributing factor in strategic development. Therefore, we incorporate all the above factors in the final strategic development process.

Operational and Business Plan Development: (US/International)

  • Development of cancer program operational objectives for existing and new services
  • Strategic Roadmap for prioritization of new program and service offerings
  • Defining alternatives to the current Oncology Service Line Scope of Services
  • Delineating anticipated impact on ancillary services with Oncology Service Line change
  • Market demand and market share analysis
  • Predicitive analysis of Facility and Technology needs and costs
  • Financial analysis of existing Oncology Program