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Welcome to US Cancer Specialists

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Our Commitment

To Leverage our Global Healthcare Insight to Deliver a Sustainable Healthcare Delivery Model of Care, providing exemplary Patient Centric Care, while driving Profit and Market Growth Opportunity.

Our Process

Through development and implementation of a transformative approach, we look to cut operational costs, improve quality, and increase access to your health center. Incorporating best practices from both the private and public sector with experienced intellectual capital, we will focus in on impacting the care delivery cycle from facility development through post care treatment delivery.

What Is A Comprehensive Care Solution?

For the Provider: it is the process of defining the complexity of cancer care, providing a patient driven solution, maximizing growth potential, and maintaining profitability by focusing on the overall of care and cost of delivery.

For the Patient: It revolves around maneuvering through a complex system of care, going beyond just getting in the door for care; its about timely access to care, care that is appropriate and of high quality, culturally relevant, affordable, and coordinated. This care solution goes beyond the treatment phase extending to cancer prevention, screening, and diagnostic services.

For the Community: Comprehensive Care Solution (CCS) is a collaborative process of patients and healthcare providers working together to achieve outcomes they could not achieve alone.

Our Delivery of Care

By working together we can deliver a successful comprehensive care solution shaping the future of cancer care. We feel this model of care is essential to fulfill a successful strategy of patient engagement and fundamental to improving the patient experience, advancing population health, and reducing overall costs of care. More importantly, how we connect this complex web of care is the value behind a fully integrated patient-centered model of care.

Therefore we are pleased to offer the following level of Customized Solutions:

  • Cancer Facility and Technology Planning
  • Cancer and Diagnostic Center Program Development (US/International)
  • Cancer Second Opinion Program Development (International)
  • Cancer Center of Excellence Development
  • Cancer Center EMR Optimization
  • Healthcare Analytic Planning Services
  • Investment Evaluation and Post-Investment Strategy Development
  • Imaging and Oncology Patient Centered Care Development
  • Women’s Health Breast Center of Excellence Development